Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Downward Spiral- Part 7

   Jeremy lifted his face toward the sun, it's rays meeting his skin, like a warm touch. The slight breeze crept over his skin. It felt good to be out of his hospital room. It was such a beautiful day, but all that consumed his mind was being home, alone. Without the help of the pain medication, that was graciously given to him during his hospital stay, he was sure to be overwhelmed with emotion once again. Birds chirped in the trees, a sound he used to enjoy listening to, was now more of an annoyance. As if knowing he needed to be pulled out of his thoughts, the sound of an engine broke the tension. It was Andrew, arriving right on cue.
   Andrew slowed to a stop, right beside Jeremy. His black SUV, worn with age. Jeremy walked slowly toward the passenger side door, reaching with his good arm for the loose handle. Andrew's SUV was never easy to get into, and Jeremy had been harping on him to get a new vehicle for years. Andrew always laughed, and said "Sally will be replaced when she is ready. I will run her into the ground. No need getting a new vehicle, when I have one that works just fine." With a slight wiggle of the handle, the door creaked open. 
   "Hey dude, how's it hanging?" Andrew greeted Jeremy with a smile.
   "Short, shriveled, and a little to the left." Jeremy replied with a grin. At least for now, Andrew's light humor could distract him from the dark thoughts threatening to surface. 
   "Too much information buddy, get in. Do you have to make a run to the drug store? I figured I would play errand boy for you. I have nothing better to do today, anyway." Andrew said, with a playful pat on the seat, as a gesture for Jeremy to climb in. 
   "Yeah, that would be great. I have a couple prescriptions to fill. Thanks bud. I appreciate this." Jeremy answered. 
   "Alrighty. Let's go then. I see enough of this place, it's time for a change of scenery." Andrew stated. 
    They left the hospital parking lot, and headed down RT. 62 toward the nearest pharmacy. Andrew tried making small talk, but Jeremy was back into his thoughts. With each person they passed, Jeremy began to resent the happiness of others. If the world saw the images he was forced to see, he could bet that they wouldn't smile as much as they did. Then again, they choose to be blissfully unaware of the ugliness around them. The death, sickness, and abuse. The closest these people come to any of it, was from what the news allowed them to see, which was nothing more than crime scene tape, and smashed up cars. With a simple, "That's sad." they move on with their lives, simply forgetting those that were lost. He thought, these people are like sheep mindlessly being herded into a slaughter house. Unaware of the events that could unfold in front of them. They enjoy their green meadows, never realizing that they too could be just another victim, shown on the 11:00 news. If only they knew, maybe life would be different. Instead, they live in a society where everyone thinks, "That can't happen to me." Jeremy let out a deep a sigh. 
   "We're here dude, you want me to run in for you, so you don't have to fight with the door?"
   "Sure, you'll need my address. One of the scripts is for pain medication, so you will need my Address." Jeremy replied, slightly grateful that Andrew gave him the opportunity to avoid people. 
   "I have your address, no big deal. I will be right back." Andrew swung his door open, and hopped out of the driver's seat. With a loud thud, he closed the door behind him. 
   Jeremy watched Andrew disappear into the store. He sat there, and watched person after person walk in, and out of the store. He almost felt sorry for them. They were so used to the ins, and outs of life that they never stopped once to see the bigger picture. He couldn't say much though. After Sammy died, he stopped enjoying life. Those moments with her, that he took for granted now ate at his soul. He wished he had done things differently. he couldn't help but feel like Sammy's death was his fault. He should have stayed by her side. He should have told her long ago how he felt. Maybe if he had, she would still be alive. Jeremy threw his head back, into the head rest. He immediately was thrown from his thoughts. He winced at the sharp pain, that consumed him. Duh, he had forgotten about the laceration on the back of his head. "Smooth move, idiot" he mumbled under his breath. 
   Andrew appeared in the doorway of the store. He walked toward the SUV, carrying bags in his hands. Jeremy watched him approach the vehicle. Andrew hopped in, throwing the bags at Jeremy. 
   "What's this? Looks like more than just the prescriptions." Jeremy asked.
   "I picked up some extra things. I got you some easy to make, canned goodies. I also picked up plastic bags to cover your cast with, so you can shower. OH! I also got you candy. Who can resist candy?" Andrew answered, with amusement in his eyes.
   "You're trying to make me fat, aren't you?" Jeremy said, accusingly. 
   "Dang, you're starting to sound like a woman. A simple thank you would suffice." Andrew laughed. 
   Jeremy did realize he was being rude to his friend. He went out of his way to help him, and he was treating him like rudely. "Thanks buddy, I was joking around. I really appreciate this. It's just hard to accept help sometimes."
   "Let go of your pride for a bit, and let me take care of you pookie." Andrew said, letting out a howling laugh, that came straight from his belly. 
   "I will, if you stop treating me like a woman!" Jeremy smiled, but again it didn't quite reach his eyes. He was trying hard to be seem happy. The best he could do, was to pretend.
   "Alright, alright. My muffin is cranky. Let's get you home." Andrew said, sensing that Jeremy was ready to be back in seclusion. 
   "Thanks." Jeremy stared out the window the rest of the ride to his house. His head was pounding, and he couldn't wait to pop some pills, and lay down. They pulled into his driveway, and Jeremy reached to open the door. He was stopped by Andrew putting his hand on his shoulder. 
   "Listen, I cleaned everything up. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to call. We're brothers, and I will be here in a heartbeat, if you need me."  Andrew said, concern showing on his face.
   "I know, and thanks. I appreciate it. I will call if I need you. Thanks again." Jeremy said, while opening the door of the SUV. He slid down off of the seat, and grabbed the bags from the store, loading them onto his good arm. With his foot, he closed the door of Andrew's vehicle, and strode toward his house. 
   He struggled to open his door, but once he got it open, the smell of chemical cleaner overtook his senses. He was almost glad that it wasn't the smell of alcohol, but that didn't stop him from walking right to the cabinet that held his liquor. He placed his bags down, and opened the cabinet. There was nothing in it. Andrew had tossed the rest of his alcohol. Jeremy's blood boiled. Hundreds of dollars in alcohol, gone! He was going to kill him!
   Frantically, Jeremy searched through his bags, and found the narcotics. He opened the cap, and shook out a couple of pills. He threw them to the back of his throat, and swallowed. Hopefully that would help take the edge off. 
   He paced, and paced until the medication began to kick in. Slowly he felt himself relax, sleepiness consumed him. He strode toward his bed, and laid down. Happy that the narcotics, once again took away his pain he closed his eyes, and with a deep breath he began to drift off to sleep. 

Written by: RU- Responders Unite
© Responders Unite- Do not remove author's name from material. 

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